Top 5 Albums of 2006

I was going to wait until Friday to post this but, Looking at the release schedule for the week i don’t see anything that would make the list.

5. Ice Cube- Laugh Now, Cry later
Standout Tracks
“Why we Thugs”
“Child Support” and
“Stop Snitchin” Feat Swiss Beats

Dont call it a comeback!!! With Laugh Now, Cry later Ice Cube released his most constant work since his days of rolling with the Lynch mob. He attacks the mic with a vengeance on “Child Support” rhyming like he just left N.W.A. yesterday. He drops knowledge on “the nigga trap” and the title track, and he even manages to get the club crunk with “Go to Church” although adding Snoop to this song sounds a little questionable they manage to pull it off. This Album is for all the die hard Ice cube fans who miss the nigga you love to hate, and not the dude that made are we there yet?

4. Snoop Dogg- Blue Carpet Treatment

Standout Tracks
“GangBangin 101” feat Game
“Which One Of you” feat 9 inch dix and Sooperfly
“Imagine” Feat Dr. Dre and D’ angelo

The DoggFather Returns!!! With the Blue Carpet treatment, Snoop manages to find that comfortable balance between gangsta and pimp. Having “Thats that Shit” feat r. kelly, but Something for the thugs with “gangbangin 101” feat Game, Not to mention Snoop also Produced this track. Now there are a few missteps on this album. Such as the track “beat up on your pads” sounds like Snoop wants to be on Madden 07 with this song. i know its for his peewee football league, but if its for them just let them hear it. Other that that, and the album starts off kinda slow, but picks up around track 4.Overall, this is a solid album, and lets not forget the strip club banger “I wanna Fuck you” featuring Akon, this is the song that the dj’s play when they want them tricks…. i mean customers to come up out them pockets. (dont ask how i know that.)

3. Jay-z- Kingdom Come
Standout Tracks
“The Prelude”
“Kingdom Come”
“Beach Chair feat. Chris Martin”

For all the talk about young Hov’s subject matter and him alienating his young fans, understand this, Lyric for lyric and line for line Hov outshines most of his contemporaries. I mean with lines like:

I used to think rappin at 38 was ill/but last year alone i grossed 38 mil
I know i aint quite 38 but still,
The flow is so special got a 38 feel……..

Ask any of today’s so called hottest rappers to top that,and they cant, and that’s just the intro. Besides the horrible combination of Jay, Usher, and Skateboard P, a combo that doesn’t even sound good on paper. This is a solid album, in fact if that song wasn’t on the album this would be a certified classic, and might have propelled this album to a higher place on this list. To the albums downfall it seems like Hov forgot what he said on “The Black Album.’

“……I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars
the criticize me for it
yet they all yell holla….”

2. The Game- Doctors Advocate
Standout Tracks
“Da Shit”
“Doctor’s Advocate” feat. Busta Rhymes & Chauncey Black
“California Vacation” feat. Snoop Dogg & Xzibit
“Why You Hate The Game” feat. Nas & Marsha (of Floetry)

This album single handily won me over. I admit to drinking the kool-aid 50 was selling, believing that Curtis and Dre, basically transformed a young Jayceon Taylor to the rhyme animal known as the game. i mean come on, if you rolling with 50 and the good doctor you cant help to go at least double, and the diss songs that 50 was doing was hilarious. i mean not rich still lying is a classic( you said you woke up out the coma in 2001, but your brother said you were never in a coma. you said you were in a gang, but your bother said you were never in a gang.)Besides that game is a very proud blood, and my allegiance wont allow me to support him, But with this album, there was no Dre, no 50, no Aftermath, and young JT delivers. In fact if he didn’t keep telling you he wasn’t on Aftermath, you would never know it. On California Vacation, I swore that was Dre saying “The Doctors Advocate” at the beginning of the song, but alas its just Game. He attacks each track like he had something to prove, and he did. he proved that he was a talented m.c. and more than just a puppet, like 50 painted him to be. however they re are a few flaws on this album. With all his constant praising of Dre, and Easy, Why is he not praising Cube the same way? i mean wasn’t he the primary writer for Eazy and N.w.a? So Shouldn’t he get the same praise they get??? but some how he is forgotten. Game does mention Cube about a total of 4 times on the album, but if you compare that to the times he say Dre, or Eazy, its no where near close. The track “one night” is good but the hook suggest a female that he only deals with when he is drunk or high, not his homeboys that he doesn’t deal with at all, but I’m just nitpicking, this is a solid album from front to back. one of the few albums you can put in and just let play, and to think he did it all by himself.

and the Number 1 album of 2006……………..

Nas- Hip Hop is Dead
Standout tracks

The whole damn album!!!!!!

What can i say about this album? This is the greatest album of 2006 by far. From Start to Finish the album bangs. the causal Fan will point to the obvious Jay-z and Nas collaboration of “Black Republicans”, but that is not even the best track on the album, and that’s saying alot. Everything on the album is perfect, the flow, the tracks, the hooks. even the continuity. the album is the most consistent album of 2006, and dare i say of Nas’s Career. Even his obligatory collab with his wife Kelis is crazy, (did anybody notice on the intro she calls him Sin? Belly 2 perhaps) I would love to pick out a track for everyone to go to as soon as they put it in they re disc player, but i cant, just press play and enjoy you wont be disappointed.

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