Daily Update 3*30*07

R&B Singer Rell Arrested; Police Confiscate 50 Pounds Of Marijuana

Former Roc-A-Fella Records crooner Rell was one of three men arrested in a drug sting in Calhoun County, South Carolina yesterday (Mar. 29).

Rell, born Wilbur Gerrell Gaddis, was arrested after Postal Service agents intercepted a package containing 50 pounds of marijuana in Columbia, SC.

Agents allowed the package to be delivered to a home in Saint Matthews, SC, where police arrested Rell and two associates.

Rell, 30, originally hails from Bowman, SC, but listed a New Jersey residence at the time of his arrest.

All three men were charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

Rell was the first male R&B singer signed to Roc-A-Fella Records.

He first appeared in Jay-Z’s movie Streets Is Watching and contributed the single “Love For Free” to the movie’s soundtrack.

He also appeared on “The Message” featuring Mary J. Blige, from Dr. Dre’s album 2001.

While signed to Roc-A-Fella, Rell also recorded with artists like Kanye West, Consequence, Young Gunz, Beanie Sigel and others.

The Game Misses Court Date, Judge Issues Warrant

Compton, CA rapper The Game missed a scheduled court date in Manhattan yesterday (Mar. 30), related to charges that he impersonated a police officer in Nov.

According to the New York Post, a warrant was issued for the rapper’s arrest, but the warrant will not be activated unless he misses his next court date, which is scheduled for Jun. 13.

The Game was arrested on Nov. 16, after he allegedly ordered a cab driver to run several red lights.

When the cab was stopped by police, the driver told police that the Game, born Jayceon Taylor, said he was an undercover police officer and allegedly urged the cab driver to run the red lights.
Police promptly arrested The Game and charged him with impersonating a police officer.

“This is a ploy by the Hip-Hop police to humiliate me, because they harass and follow me every time I come to New York,” The Game told AHH.com shortly after his arrest. “I was in New York promoting my album. I never impersonated anyone especially and absolutely never a police officer.”

An arrest warrant was issued for the rapper on Jan. 16, after he failed to appear for his first court date related to the charges.

On Jan. 30, The Game appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to the charges. His lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, welcomed a trial.

“The police are harassing him,” Lichtman said after the rapper pleaded innocent. “It’s an embarrassment for them. The cops follow him from the moment he lands to the moment he leaves. A limo driver freaked out, that’s it. They are harassing him, but there will be some harassment going the other way at the trial.”


Burrowing deeper into his family comedy niche, Ice Cube is attached to star in the Dimension Films project “Tough Love,” to be directed by Thomas Carter (“Coach Carter).

The story, inspired by the life of former New England Patriots defensive back Tebucky Jones, follows a hard-nosed NFL player who realizes that his kids have become spoiled brats. In an effort to toughen them up, he forces them to spend their summer in the mean streets of Oakland, Calif., where he grew up. Along the way, he realizes that he also might have some things to learn.

“Tough Love” will be produced by Cube with his Cube Vision partner Matt Alvarez, in addition to H2F Entertainment’s Walter Hamada and Chris Fenton as well as Carter.

Cube’s next film, “Are We Done Yet?” arrives in theaters on April 4. Cube, Alvarez and Dimension are also developing a film adaptation of the 1970s television show “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

Mannie Fresh Squashes Beef With Lil Wayne, Signs New Deal With Jay-Z

Mannie Fresh recently called a New Orleans radio station, Q93, to discuss his new projects for 2007.

In the interview, Fresh revealed he’s signed a new deal with Jay-Z and Def Jam Records. “I just did a deal with Jay-Z,” he said. “Dude reached out to me. He flew me up, we talked about it and they wrote something nice. It was a nice little proposal.” Fresh continued to say, “What made me take the deal is, they didn’t want me to only do this exclusive deal with them.

They were like, “You can go do whatever it is you do.” So my thing [at Def Jam] is to overlook the southern artists they have, as well as sign [new] artists.”

Fresh also disclosed a conversation he had with Lil Wayne a month ago. “We had some words. I asked him if he had a problem with me, because in all honesty, I never had a problem with him,” Fresh said. “So I stepped to him like a man, like, ‘Dude, the problem is not with you, so don’t take sides that don’t got nothing to do with you. I got a problem with another man, it has nothing to do with you.’” Fresh went on to say, “[But] he [Lil Wayne] said, at the time, he was trippin’ and he took sides. But he reached out for his new album, so hopefully we gonna put something together and do business.”

In addition, Mannie says he’s going to produce on T.I.’s next album and is planning to get in the studio with Nas in the next two weeks. He’s also producing most of Juvenile’s next album. “I did the whole Juve album,” he said. “I executive produced the whole album and I did about 13 tracks on it. It’s that Juve y’all wanted.”

Fabolous Album Pushed Back

Fans will have to wait until summer for the fourth album from Fabolous, the Brooklyn rapper’s April release has been abandoned for a later date.

From Nothin’ to Somethin’, BK rapper Fabolous’ first release since making the move from Atlantic Records to Def Jam, is now scheduled for release on June 12, according to Fab’s official site.

The first single off From Nothin’ to Somethin’ “Diamonds,” featuring Young Jeezy is currently in radio rotation. In addition to Jeezy, Ne-Yo also makes an appearance on the album and Timbaland, Just Blaze and Jazze Pha bring production to the set.

Fabolous’ June release date is just the latest in a series of postponements; Def Jam previously discarded a December release date in favor of the April 17 scheduled release after the Brooklyn MC was shot in the leg last October.

In related news, Fabolous is scheduled to appear in next week’s Power 105.1 “Birthday Bash.” The concert, which celebrates the five years of broadcasting for WWPR-FM Power 105.1, will be held next Tuesday, April 3 at New York’s Webster Hall. In addition to Fab, Swizz Beatz and Lloyd are also expected to take the stage.

From Nothin’ to Somethin’ lands in stores on June 12.

DPG Feuds Showcased in New Documentary

Dogg Pound members Daz Dillinger and Kurupt will offer an inside look behind their feuds and disputes over the years in a new documentary, titled DPG Eulogy.

The two-hour film, directed by Damian Zellous, will chronicle the group’s conflicts between 2001 and 2005, including the public beef between Dillinger and Kurupt during Kurupt’s return to Death Row in 2001.

“It was just a strange time,” said Zellous. “We have a lot of exclusive footage that shows what was really going on. I think it’ll surprise people.”

In addition to Dillinger and Kurupt, the DPG documentary will feature revealing interviews from Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, RBX, Lil’ Half Dead and The Eastsidaz and others on the history of the Long Beach-based collective.

The film will also examine the feud between Eastsidaz member Tray-Dee and Snoop Dogg over money and leadership.

“Everybody’s cool now, but a lot of people still want to know what happened,” stated Zellous.

Although the film was completed in 2005, Zellous admits the delay was due to “a lot of red tape from Death Row Records and other people who didn’t want the film to surface.”

Prior to its release DPG Eulogy aired on the Starz channel for several months.

Dr. Dre’s Son Signs Record Deal

Dr. Dre’s son, who goes by the MC name of Hood Surgeon AKA Young Doc, has signed a record deal with JT The Bigga Figga’s Get Low Records.

Hood Surgeon’s debut album is titled “Son Of A Doctor” and will be executive produced by Snoop Dogg and JT The Bigga Figga. The album is slated for release Spring ’07. The LP’s first single is called “All I Need”.

Prior to the release of his debut album, Hood Surgeon will release a compilation entitled “Life Support” and is offering unsigned artists a chance to appear on the LP. For further information, call 510-704-9849.

Twista Becomes Newest Columnist For Chicago Tribune

Windy City rap phenom, Twista, is giving his fans a unique opportunity to ask him questions and share their opinions as he becomes a columnist for Red Eye, an edition of the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago native will be featured in the print newspaper once a week and will be sharing his thoughts on various topics, asking fans questions, and giving fans an opportunity to ask him questions.

The rapper, well known for his trademark rapid-fire delivery, will be picking up the pen once again, except this time he will be creating a dialogue with his fans instead of writing rhymes. Readers will be able to find the emcee’s thoughts, answers, and questions weekly in the print copy of Red Eye or can find the column online at http://redeyechicago.com/twista . Questions and comments can be sent through the site as well. A handful of questions will be selected and answered, with answers published both in print and online.

Twista’s seventh album, Adrenaline Rush 2007, will be released on Atlantic Records in August with the Pharrell assisted single, “Give It Up”, impacting radio in mid April. The album will feature production from the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell, and in-house producers Cuzo and Toxic.

Killer Mike On Alleged Big Boi Scuffle: “I Never Touched Him & He Never Touched Me”

Killer Mike recently chopped it up with SOHH to clear the air on the rampant rumors concerning an incident between him and his former boss Big Boi of Outkast.

“First of all, let me start by saying it’s nothing. I done saw a good friend lose a good friend, Tip lost Philant [Johnson] and had another friend shot in the face so I don’t want anybody to think that this is a beef,” said a humble Killer Mike. “I also want to apologize to everybody in the A-Town, Morris Brown, my mother, grandmother, Big Boi’s mother, Dre’s mother and anybody who may have witnessed what wasn’t me and Big Boi fighting, but what was two grown men not seeing eye to eye. I never touched him and he never touched me. Some of the things they said I did to Big Boi, if I had did, I don’t know if I could have lived with that.”

Mike alleges that a group of men confronted him in Atlanta in an attempt to intimidate him, after which words were exchanged. Refuting several accounts that alleged that the two came to blows after Purple Ribbon artist C-Bone called Mike a “monkey,” the Atlanta MC revealed that the comment was not the reason for the rift and that there is a deeper explanation concerning the matter.

“I’m from the same city as Martin Luther King, brother, Atlanta. No way I’m gonna back down from nobody. I deal with bosses. I don’t talk to secretaries, sidekicks, suckers or civil servants.”

“My ego was upset by [C-Bone’s comment] but that’s not the reason I was upset. I can forgive him for that.” He continues, “I think it’s just two people, who were friends and care about each other who stopped doing business together and that’s not always pretty. But I think that time heals all things. It’s better that I don’t have to deal with him and he doesn’t have to deal with me. I think it’s just that we’re better being apart from one another, being friendly competitors and making sure that Atlanta stays on top. He’s best where he is and I’m best where I’m at.”

Killer Mike left Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label, possibly creating animosity among other artists still on the label, but the move was one that Mike feels was necessary.

“For me, [I left] when I woke up disgusted with myself like, ‘How long are you going to wait around for another man to give you what’s already there for you to take.'”

Hoping that the rumors are behind him, he says that he is focused on his own Grind Time Official imprint, which released his latest album I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind.
“I don’t care if you’re working the trap or you’re trapped at work, you’re going to relate to this album.”

I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind is in stores now and available on Grindtimeofficial.com.


R&B singer RIHANNA has grown bored of rumours linking her to her record label boss SHAWN ‘JAY-Z’ CARTER, insisting she ignores the reports.

Rihanna’s close friendship with Carter – head of Def Jam Records – sparked speculation the couple were having an affair behind long-term love BEYONCE KNOWLES’ back.

However, the pair have always insisted their relationship is strictly platonic.She says, “At first I was like, ‘Ha ha, it’s funny.’ Now I just ignore it and I’m numb to it. You cannot stop people from saying what they want to say.”

Bonus- Here is the song that premiered on her website yesterday.

Rihanna + Jay-Z – Umbrella (mp3)


In a candid interview in Sunday’s issue of Parade magazine, actress Halle Berry says she tried to commit suicide over her troubled marriage to baseball star David Justice, but decided against it at the last minute after thinking about her mom.

“I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming, when I had an image of my mother finding me,” Berry, 40, tells the paper. “She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do. It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low. I promised myself I would never be a coward again.”

Berry, 40, described her marriage years later to singer Eric Benet as “really horrific.”
“We were in sex rehab after one year. I wish I had left then, but I was putting everyone’s needs before mine,” she says.

Berry says she’s in a good place with current boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, and is anxious to have a child in the near future.

“Now my sights are set on a different chapter in my life, which is motherhood. That’s the goal I have very clearly set for myself,” she says.

More Details on “B.u.d.d.y” Contest. Miss Jones explains the Lupe bashing

Since the beginning of the week when Miss Jones went on a small rant about her problem with what she labeled as “The Lupe Fiasco fiasco”, referring to Lupe’s version of the “Buddy (remix)”, she has offered a solution to her problem by offering to give upcoming rappers a break. In order to do this, she has asked for aspiring rappers to put their own 8 bars on the intro of the record and to mail it to Hot97 on a cd, where it’ll be played on air. No word yet if the contest rules will change, but so far, the hosts said that the top 3 favorites in the contest will receive airplay over the Lupe Fiasco version.

The r&b loving host and former singer herself was not pleased that Lupe Fiasco was rapping about the complete opposite of Musiq Soulchild’s concept and bringing down the value of what is suppose to be a fun record when she believes the Ja Rule and Fat Joe remix of the record set the bar and or the tone for how a rap should be on that particular record, only for Lupe Fiasco to later bring it down with his version.

The shock jock, who has been known to complain about her own station’s playlist singled out the record because according to her, it’s one of her more currently favored records on the station’s playlist, which is why she’s upset about the remix. The radiohost claims the song is about a bootycall and wreckless infadelity, while she and her team believes Lupe is rapping off topic and brought down the quality of what is suppose to be a fun record. She stated, “It’s a feel good record.”

Although Lupe received bashing and overall heavy criticism early in the week for his lyrics, the Lupe jokes diminished throughout the week as Miss Jones has made herself more clearer day in and day out on her position. Nonetheless, some of the highlights of the jokes from the show’s comedian included, “Lupe is the type to go to a stripclub with a coat to cover up all the strippers.” Jonesy cleaned up her statements, stating, “I don’t care as long as Lupe goes away…I mean we don’t have anything at all against Lupe, he’s okay.”

Although, the hosts asked for aspiring rappers, a few veterans themselves have even entered into the contest. Scoob, who use to dance on stage with Big Daddy Kane entered in his 8 bars on Wednesday. And on March 29th, Heavy D also entered in with his 8 bars starting off with the, “It’s the diddley, diddly, diddley….”

I advice all aspiring mc’s to take advantage of the opportunity and take part in the competition, as it could be great exposure and or a big break. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity! If favored enough, the remix could possibly become a playlists regular on the station and then find it’s way across the country.

Mc’s who are interested, should mail in their 8 bars on the “Buddy” beat on the song’s intro to:395 Hudson St. 7th Fl.New York, NY 10014

Cake-Inspired Footwear Launch Next Up For MTV’s “Run’s House” Daughters

Run’s daughters are introducing a new line of footwear inspired by their favorite pastries dubbed the Pastry Footwear Cake Collection.

Cake flavours chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake, red velvet and sprinkles are the inspiration for the four shoe designs of the same names.

The girls, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, are both students and aspiring fashion career women and are currently in the middle of attaining degrees in business and fashion respectively.

They’ve grown up close to the fashion world, being the nieces of Phat Farm and Baby Phat clothiers Russell Simmons and ex-wife Kimora Lee.

The shoes will be decked out in fun colors inspired by their cake namesakes and come with a matching attached lip gloss.

A behind-the-scenes look at launching the footwear will be aired on MTV during the next season of “Run’s House,” featuring Run and his family.


“Jump off”
Sterling Simms

“Fingaz In My Azz”
Young Jeezy, The Game and Lil’ Wayne (Parody)

(props to Dick Johnson for this 1)

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