Ruff Ryders Co-CEO Darrin "Dee" Dean Has Been Arrested On Cocaine Charges

Palisades Interstate Parkway police sniffed out a cocaine bust when they stopped two men — one an executive of a hip-hop label — for a broken taillight, officials said.

When police pulled over a customized Chevrolet van headed south on the Englewood Cliffs section of the parkway Thursday evening, they were overwhelmed by the smell of marijuana, said Detective Sgt. Michael Coppola.

The driver, Jerry Gilbert of Brooklyn, was leaving from the Suffern, N.Y., home of passenger Darrin Dean (seen here in the white and red hoodie) — an executive of Ruff Ryders Records, Coppola said.

A detective who was brought onto the scene found evidence of marijuana. The officer later uncovered a concealed trap door built into the rear wall of the van, according to the police report.

Two pistons lowered the floor of the compartment to reveal 1½ kilos of cocaine and a loaded .45 caliber handgun, Coppola said.

Both men were charged with possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of a handgun and possession of a handgun while conducting narcotics violations. They were released from the Bergen County Jail on bail of $342,500 Friday morning.

Dean founded Ruff Ryders with his brother Joaquin and sister Chivon in 1989.


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  • You can’t believe everything the police say. If they want you they want you and will do anything to get you even when you are flying straight. There are a lot of haters out there and they have always been jealous of Darrin Dean and i know, I have been with him since child hood growing up.I aint ashame to say who I am. Loletta! All you others out there are. i grew up with him from jump start.


  • Ive known darrin 4 about 27 yrs and he aint never been that stupid like u said the cops got it out 4 my man and so do the haters, but dee will survive we came from nothing. peace and love to the dean family keith


  • I don’t think I placed any of the blame on Darrin, For all we know he could have been a victim of circumstance. I just report the news I don’t make it.


  • man these two guys were guilty its not about hate its about breaking the law so stop being ignorant


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