Eye Candy of the week *Gizel*

Ladies if you think you have what it takes to be Eye Candy Of the week, Email your Photos to L at ImHipHopNews@gmail.com. All Submissions must be dressed in a swimsuit or provocatively dressed. all pics become property of ImHipHop. Thanks and good luck


  • Wow, Damn that bitch is Fine!!!!!


  • That is a man,I went to school with him.wow! yall posting pics of ttanssexuals


  • Anonymous is either a fat bitch or some ugly drity dick nigga that wanted to smash BUT SHE PLAYED YO ASS I DON’T KNOW HER BUT TRUST IM SURE HER LIFE IS MUCH BETTER THAN URS that’s a woman I saw a pussy and that’s all that matter what a fucking homo anonymous u r get a life or a job most likely on child support woith some fat ass baby moms and a bastard kid people hate what they can’t have ………. a true fan of the sexist woman I’ve ever seen KIKI LOHAN NJ


  • yo,i heard shes a post op,thats a born dude.ny


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