On The Come Up *Donny Goines*

I don’t often do “On The Come Up” Post, Reason being, My musical taste differs from the generally public. Where I think “Kingdom Come” was a solid album, its mostly looked upon as a flop. Where I think Ludacris is one of the top M.C.’s out, most people don’t even have him in their top 10. The point I’m trying to make is my taste are a little different. However with the absurd amount of email i receive on a daily bases, from this M.C. and that M.C. i do feel it is my obligation to bring you all the artist that I feel need to be heard.

Today that Artist is Donny Goines

Now I gotta admit I slept on Donny at 1st. I heard about him thru all my Blogger buddy sites, but I never sat down to listen to him. Well, this weekend while working on my Myspace page and Finally accepted all my friend request, I ran across his page. I gotta admit, Dude is real Soulful, The tracks He has on his myspace kinda put you in that “Blueprint” mind state, real soulful. Here is a one of his Mixtapes i found on one of my Favorite Sites Datpiff. Check it for yourself

“About the Author”
Donny Goines

Mixtape Tracks
1. Listen prod by fury
2. If prod by streetrunner
3. Back in the days prod by bangout
4. Sweat it out prod by kwame
5. Ny minute prod by fury
6. Slow down prod by scram jones
7. I aint got game prod by con one neek rusher
8. It is what it is main prod by freebass
9. We all inthesame game prod by neek rusher
10. Nothing prod by fury

For any other artist(signed or unsigned) who would like to be featured on the future editions of “On The Come Up” email me at


Give me a short bio, a picture and a sample of your music, who knows if I like it you may be the next artist “On The Come Up”

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