ImHipHop News Blitz 11*30*07

Akon To Face Charges In Fan Tossing Incident

Crooner Akon has been officially charged in the highly publicized fan-tossing incident that took place in the summer in New York, after the fan said she suffered a concussion when the boy who was tossed off the stage by the singer landed on her.

According to the Associated Press, Akon is scheduled to appear in Fishkill Town Court on Monday morning (December 3) to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a minor, and second-degree harassment.

The singer was caught on video back in June where he was seen tossing a fan off the stage into the crowd wile he performed at the Annual KFEST concert at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York.

At the time of the incident, police were supposedly investigating the incident,but his attorney maintained that there was nothing illegal about what took place.

“Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever,” Akon’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said in a statement in June. “We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident. We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted.”

During the video footage, a small object was tossed toward the singer, which prompted him to say, “Oh, wait a minute. What was that?” He then urged the crowd to “point him out, point him out. Who is he?”

Once the crowd identified the alleged culprit, Akon is seen telling a security guard to “go get him,” followed by a 15-year-old being picked up by security and sent him up to the stage, where Akon hoisted him onto his shoulders and flung him into the crowd.

The AP reports that the boy landed on Abby Rosa, who told the Poughkeepsie Journal she was later found to have a concussion. She said she has hired a lawyer and spoken to Fishkill police.

The Fishkill incident wasn’t the first concert trouble Akon got into this year. In April, Akon drew widespread criticism for performing on-stage simulated sex with a 14-year-old girl at a concert in Trinidad.

Although he later apologized, stating he had no idea the girl was underage, Verizon withdraw its sponsorship of Akon’s tour with Gwen Stefani.

Iran Cracks Down On “Obscene” Rap Music

According to the state IRNA news agency, Iran is cracking down on the production of “obscene” Rap Music.

The AFP reports that the official for evaluation of music at the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, Mohammad Dashtgoli is spearheading the campaign.

“There is nothing wrong with this type of music in itself…” says Dashtgoli. “But due to the use of obscene words by its singers this music has been categorised as illegal. In coordination with the police, illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in this genre will be confronted.”

Dashtgoli says a large number of rappers have already been identified and the country sees the music as a “cultural invasion” by “decadent” western music which they believe diminishes Islamic values.

Rap music has become increasingly popular in Iran even though Rap and Hip-Hop culture are very underground in the region due to its perceived “obscene” and degrading nature.

Michael Jackson Releasing New Single; Anniversary Edition of Thriller On The Way

Michael Jackson will release a new single in December and release a 25th anniversay edition of his acclaimed “Thriller” album on February 12.

According to MTV, “Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition” will feature contributions from Kanye West (“Billie Jean”), Akon & (“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”) along with several other remixes. The set will also feature an unreleased song called “For All Time” from the original “Thriller” sessions.

A bonus DVD will be included with the package and will feature Thriller short films, which have been digitally remastered — “Thriller,” “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” — as well as his Emmy-nominated performance of the latter song on 1983’s “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever” TV special.

Michael Jackon’s new album is due for release in 2008.

Lil Kim Returns With Ms. G.O.A.T. Mixtape

Since being released from a federal penitentiary in July 2006, Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim has yet to release any music, aside from a few leaked songs.

According to a report from MTV, she will finally be breaking her silence with her very first mixtape Ms. G.O.A.T., a collaborative effort with Mister Cee and DJ Whoo Kid that will be released in the coming weeks. “I always wanted to do a mixtape,” Kim told MTV while recording a remake of the Lady of Rage’s “Afro Puffs.” “I used to see how 50 used to do it so hard. And I was a big fan of 50 when he first started putting out his mixtapes, and I’m still a fan. I seen his growth. But it all started with the mixtape. He caught my ear. It was a great movement. I said ‘Damn, it’s not a lot of girls doing it …’”

The mixtape will reportedly feature her remix of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More,” the recently leaked track “Chillin’ Tonight,” and a freestyle over “I Get Money” where she disses Remy Ma.

In related news, MTV also reports that Kim hopes to release a new album as early as February 2008. She has left Atlantic Records and should be shortly signing a new independent deal.

”We’re in the middle of wrapping up the last bit of paperwork, and yeah, I’ll be in charge of my own masters, my own career,” she explained to MTV. “I had a great run [at Atlantic]…We had a great history. But I came to a point where I felt it was time for me to do the independent thing and move on and take control of my own career. Thanks to Atlantic. They’re letting me”

Freeway Settles Just Blaze Beef

Making his return to the charts after a 4 year hiatus, Philadelphia’s Freeway is finally on his way with his sophomore LP, “Free At Last.”

Freeway’s debut LP, “Philadelphia Freeway,” was heavily produced by Roc-A-Fella affiliate, Just Blaze. Since then however, the two have had a falling out due to miscommunication. Freeway even went as far as mentioning the producer on a track released in October, 2007.

“Things just ain’t the same for gangstas/But I don’t give a fuck, I’m back without a Just track/Tried to reach out and work but he ain’t chirp back/But I don’t care, I’m here nigga, the beard bigger/Flow strong, the clip long, I air niggas/Lay ‘em down flat, stay around straps.” Rapped Freeway on “It’s Over.”

The verse prompted Just Blaze to respond over one of his many blogs.

“This isn’t good… not in terms of me, I don’t care personally… I mean some of these things rappers have said about me when they think I’m not around or don’t know who I know are pretty crazy/Funny, so I don’t really mind when someone addresses me directly but.. see, here’s the thing… at some point, someone in the press is going to ask me about this new song… and I’m going to have to tell them what the line(s) are about 100% honestly and truthfully… and someone is going to end up looking a little foolish. You know… “not the sharpest knife” type. Just fired back.

“If you are reading this… are you sure you want to go here? with ME?!.. My word game is too strong, and your thought process obviously isn’t.” He continued.

According to Freeway, the two have settled their differences. In a recent interview with Rhapsody, Free explained the situation.

“Just Blaze did a lot of songs on the first album, but he’s so good that he could make it sound like 10 different producers. He was responsible for the “What We Do,” “Rock the Mic” and “Burnin’ Up” — basically my career. I would go there and he’d have joints ready. ” He retorted.

“There was a little bit of hostility between managers.” Said Freeway.

“I think my manager was a little disrespectful to his manager around the beginning of last year. I don’t really know the particulars, but I know it had to do with some publishing. He apologized, but after that, I tried to get at Just a couple times. I’m not saying he wouldn’t, but he wasn’t in a rush or it wasn’t a priority to him. Just is my man. We lived together for a month in Miami. I felt as though we had a good relationship. I spoke to him earlier this year [about it]. We’re supposed to be past it, but still nothing’s happened. ” He continued.

When asked about the verse on the track, Free said he was basically “keeping it real.”

“I was just keeping it real. I’m not like, “Fuck Just.” It’s all good. I just want to see him and talk to him [about it]. “

“Free At Last”, which is appropriately titled seeing as it was originally slated for an early 2005 release, hit store shelves on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 and features cameos from Jay Z, 5o Cent, Scarface, & Busta Rhymes to name a few.

Complex’s Uncut Lil Wayne Interview

With Lil Wayne gracing their December/January cover, Complex magazine has released an uncut version of the interview on their website. In it, Wayne addresses everything from the Hot Boys reunion to smoking blunts with Oscar De la Hoya, Tom from MySpace and Bill Gates. When asked about the fact that fans have been suggesting that Kanye’s verse bested Wayne’s on his track “Barry Bonds,” Weezy had this to say:

“I think he did too, meaning his verse was better. Yeah but I’m going to get him. ‘Ye killed me on that song. I was tight because I was like it could be way hotter than this. So when I heard his verse I was like “oh, we doing this again.” I done it twice, they got two different versions. I done one and I ain’t hear his verse and I done the other one after I heard his verse and even when I finished I said why don’t you let him be the man of song. Meaning that it was needed and what I’ve done nobody else can do it.”

Wayne also addresses rumors about him ghostwriting for his collaborators:

Did you ghostwrite Tity Boi’s verse on “Duffle Bag Boy”?

Hell no, everybody be asking that, it’s so great that people think I wrote it because it shows that I am helping the game. I’m making niggas get on their shit. He’s just so much on his shit to where y’all actually thought I wrote it. Like I wrote an album with Juelz Santana and I ain’t going to lie, niggas ain’t going to listen to that shit in New Orleans for some years. I can’t help but be competitive, niggas is spitting and I’m glad because you gotta look at it like when Biggie was doing it. When Biggie and Pac did it, they didn’t have anybody trying to beat them.

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