ImHipHop News Blitz 1*31*08

Fat Joe To 50 Cent: “Suck My D*ck”

Looks like the war between Fat Joe and 50 Cent has heated up yet again.

The rappers, who have been going back and fourth since 2004, have started taking shots at each other once again after Fat Joe called out 50 Cent on BET’s Rap City.

“This dude 50 Cent is a clown, we’ve been beefing what — three years?” said Joe.

“I go to every club in New York City, every hood. Have you ever seen a G-Unit member in a club? The question was eliminate, he can’t eliminate Fat Joe. Since I’ve been beefing with 50 Cent, I’ve become so much richer in my life, so much more millions and keep dropping hit records. And my brother Khaled is dropping heavy records and We The Best and you see that movement. You can’t stop us. We untouchable, B.” He continued.

50, never being the one to shy away from a confrontation, responded to Joe on a newly released single from G-Unit, entitled “I’m Leavin.”

“Joey Crack, he don’t want it no more–I told him before/ you don’t want it with me, you’re pussy fat boy!” said Fif on the mixtape track.

“I watched Rap City, I see this fat nigga frontin’…don’t nobody like this niggas’ shit. This nigga’s shit is wack. I’ll tell you straight up.” He continued towards the end of the track.

“Now you got my undivided attention, I’m on your ass now!”..Fif exclaimed.

In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Fat Joe has fired back at the G-Unit frontman saying he’s simply looking for attention and will go on to diss him the “I Get Money” hitmaker.

“As far as him [50 Cent], he’s got shot by people who he knows and he doesn’t do nothing about it. He sees Ja Rule, little Ja Rule, and he never even fought him one on one. He’s going to come fuck with Fat Joe? Are you serious? He still don’t leave his house.” Joe tells Complex.

When asked by Complex if Fif’s threats have taken the battle to “the next level” Joe seemed reluctant to even dub the beef a “battle.”

“I mean, battle what? What, you want me to battle rap him? I just want to know what does he want to get out of it. (Laughs) You know, make a hot record. Like, what are you doing? I’m going to curse him out again. If that’s what you’re asking, yeah, I’m going to curse him out. So we’re going to curse each other out and four years from now, most likely, we’ll still be here. He’s wasting his time. “

“He’s looking for attention, I’m gonna diss him. I’m gonna tell him to suck my dick, everything you can think. I’m gonna tell him that. What does he want out of me? He’s gonna tell me, “Oh, Fat Joe, you’re a sucka.” This, this, that and I’m gonna be like, “suck my dick?” “You punk ass mother fucker.” And that’s it. And then, you know, do a survey and draft to clubs and draft to the ghetto and see who’s really out there and who’s not. He said, come down to Madison Square Garden and see him or something. Get the fuck out of here. “

Prodigy Bids Farewell, G-Unit Hosts Sendoff Concert In NYC

Mobb Deep MC Prodigy will bid farewell to the free world during a sendoff party and concert next Wednesday (Feb. 6) at B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill in New York City.

Dubbed the “All Star QB + G-Unit Tribute to Prodigy,” the party will feature P performing his latest solo release, H.N.I.C. 2, in its entirety. Unnamed special guests are also scheduled to appear.

Prodigy (born Albert Johnson) is preparing to do a three-and-a-half-year bid for weapons charges after being caught with a loaded, unregistered .22-caliber gun in his $150,000 bulletproof SUV in 2006.

He was originally scheduled to report to prison in January, but was granted a five-week extension, reportedly to give his doctors time to assemble his medical records in light of the fact that he suffers from sickle cell disease.

Although Prodigy is not yet behind bars, he shot the video for “Real Power Is People” from a jail cell at the Queens House of Detention.

The rapper’s all-ages sendoff show begins at 9 p.m. Tickets are $20.

Ruff Ryders Reunion Album In The Works

Swizz Beatz has revealed that the original Ruff Ryders crew is currently putting together a new family album.

DMX, Drag-On, The Lox and Swizz Beatz are currently recording the LP expected to be released sometime in 2008.

Swizz Beatz told MTV:

I’m in my zone,” Swizz noted. “I’m bringing the Ruff Ryders back real major in ’08. It’s gonna be a lot of Ruff Ryders sh– in ’08. Not taking away from D-Block, not taking away from Bloodline. It’s stamping the brand that started all this sh–. They letting me do whatever I wanna do as the president [of the company]. This is what I wanna do. Do this album, 10 bangers. Trying to get a joint from [Dr.] Dre, Primo [DJ Premier]. We got Dame Grease. All the original producers, everything to make the Ruff Ryder album authentic head-banger hip-hop. I got everybody right now. X just sent me five verses. Trust me. I don’t accept just any X [verses]. You’ll see. This is the real deal. I’m not gonna do it if it’s not the real deal.”

Swizz Beatz is also currently crafting songs for the likes of Usher, 50 Cent and for himself as he prepares to drop the follow-up to his “One Man Band Man” album.

“The title is between Life After the Party and Remember Hip-Hop,” he continued. “I’m in between them. I don’t even have a date on my joint. I’m just feeling out the scene.”

Jacki-O Preps Release Of First Book

Jacki-O, is taking on a new career. Instead of pursuing acting like most rappers do, she has become an author.

Jacki-O is gearing up for the release of his first book, a work fiction called Grown & Gangsta, being released through C-Murder’s recently launched TRU Publishing.

The book tells the story of six friends, Monique, Tatiana, Inch, Malcolm, Quentin and Iz, who support each other through trying times on the streets and in their personal lives.

Grown & Gangsta is currently available for pre-order through and Here is an excerpt:

“The pop pop pop of the paparazzi’s cameras lit up the night like diamonds made of light. Each flash was like a bling. Many celebrities, athletes and popular rappers had come out to P-Nice’s Hampton mansion. P-Nice owned the hottest rap label in the game, Street Life Records, as well as the trendy clothing label Pierre Wear. To be invited to his Fourth of July party meant you were somebody in the industry or in the streets. Monique was of the former. She was the A & R rep. from the up and coming Harlem World Records and had been responsible for the signing of one of the best new singers in the game, Joi Black, and a rapper out of Jersey named Lucky Malone. Monique wasn’t a heavy weight by a long shot, neither was she raking in the dough, but her name was ringing bells and with the contacts she was making, she had her eyes on her own label.”

Joell Ortiz Speaks On Leaving Aftermath

After weeks of rumors, it has been confirmed that Joell Ortiz is not on Aftermath Records any longer. The rumors first started swirling when Bishop Lamont, a fellow Aftermath artist, had said in an interview,”From what I heard I think (Ortiz) got dropped…I think dude got dropped ’cause of the whole Interscope thing.” In a recent interview Ortiz was asked about the “Ups and Downs” video that ends with Ortiz getting his release form from Aftermath in the mail and he revealed that he actually asked to be released from the label. “I can’t afford to wait. I got a million people waiting on me to come out,” Ortiz says in regards to the release request. “I would have been cheating myself if I would have to sit there and wait (on Aftermath). I have momentum now and I need to take advantage of it now. I need to be coming out with a new record ASAP.”

However, he says that he is still working with Dr. Dre. “Those are my records still,” Ortiz said when asked what would happen with the material that was intended for an Aftermath release. “You are still going to hear me on a Doctor beat! Everything is beautiful.” In regards to the statement that Bishop Lamont had to say about him, Joell said, ““I checked the interview (with Bishop Lamont) and it was just someone speaking on a situation that they know nothing about,” Ortiz stated in regards to the interview. He also mentioned that he and Lamont have only spoken a couple of times and there’s no hard feelings.

“Me and Dr. Dre deal how me and Dr. Dre deal,” Ortiz said. “They deal how they deal. I wouldn’t comment on him but he commented on me. It’s all good. He just didn’t know what he was talking about.” No matter what anybody is speculating, Joell doesn’t want his fans to think he is bad shape. “I want people to understand that I got money in my pocket. I’m working with Dr. Dre. I got a mixtape coming out that’s ridiculous…I got a bidding war going on without trying to create one. I’m feeling good!”

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Denied Entry Into Canada, Cancels Tour Dates

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were denied entry into Canada early Wednesday morning (January 30), as they prepared to head on a sold out tour through the country.

The group said they were told their entry into Canada was denied by Customs officials because their music was “too violent,” which they cannot understand.

“We never had a problem going over there, but all of the sudden, they talking the music is too violent,” Krayzie Bone told “I’m like ‘Man, that’s crazy because we doing the same music we’ve done every time we came over there and nothing never happened.'”

The group was scheduled to leave for Canada Wednesday morning for five sold out dates — including stops in Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg — but got the bad news from the tour’s promoter just before they were preparing to leave.

“We was supposed to leave this morning and the promoter told us he was having trouble getting us cleared to enter the country,” explained Krayzie. “We was on stand by, and he was gonna let us know what was going on this morning at 8 a.m. He said he went to the Councilor and everything, and they was like ‘We was high risk of coming over there,’ ‘they didn’t wanna take the risk,’ ‘they didn’t want it on their hands if something happened,’ and everything.”

The rapper said that the group was very surprised when they heard the news, mainly because they had toured there just last year and several times in the past without incident, and don’t understand why this time is any different.

“We was just over there last year… around the same time last year,” he said, “and we didn’t have no problem whatsoever getting through the Customs or nothing.”

While Krayzie admits that fights had broken out between concertgoers at their shows in the past, he insisted the incidents were isolated and had nothing to do with Bone or their music. “We never really had nothing major at all, happen at our concerts. No riots, nobody getting shot or killed, or nothing like that,” Krayzie said.

Although they are still confused about the situation, Krayzie speculated as to why Canada is strict in letting rappers through the border. One reason he had was the country’s rising gang problem, which officials confirmed with the group.

“I hear a lot of people is having problems with Canada now. They did mention that they have a rising gang problem on they hands out there in Canada, so that might be one of the reasons,” Krayzie explained.

The group’s Canadian tour would have been in support of latest album, T.H.U.G.S., which was released through Ruthless Records; their last major label project, Strength & Loyalty; and their DVD film “I Tried.”

Despite the Canada dates being canceled, the group is slated to continue on the U.S. leg of the tour, which kicks off in Portland, Oregon on February 16, hitting cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and Atlanta, before wrapping things up in Montgomery, Alabama on June 14.

The group is upset that their Canadian fans aren’t able to catch their shows though. “We still got a very strong fan base. Our fans been following us for a very long time. It’s unfortunate that our sold out shows in Canada were canceled, because our fans stay loyal to us and we want to stay loyal to them,” Krayzie said.

Beyonce & Mariah Carey Crowned “Cash Queens”

Music’s female stars are raking in cash by the millions, prompting Forbes magazine to crown 20 chanteuses, including Beyoncé and Mariah Carey in its list of “Cash Queens.”

Though Forbes has previously generated a list of the top female earners in entertainment, for this list of “Cash Queens,” the publication narrowed its focus to female singers; calculating concert grosses, merchandising revenue, album sales and revenue from clothing lines, fragrance deals and endorsements for artists who either toured or released an album or film between June 2006 and June 2007. The result was a combined $420 million in gross income earnings.

While B didn’t top the list, along with Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera she landed in the top 10–#5, #6, and #7 respectively. Beyoncé banked $27 million, raking in revenue from deals with L’Oreal, American Express and Samsung, while Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line helped push her profits to $26 million and Aguilera’s partnership with Pepsi helped her put $20 million in the bank.

Madonna led the pack by pulling in $72 million thanks to income from record sales, a deal with H&M and her record-breaking “Confessions” tour, which grossed $260 million worldwide. The money is expected to keep on coming for Madge, who recently left Warner Music Group for a 10-year deal with Live Nation worth approximately $120 million.

Longtime favorite Mariah Carey won the #10 spot with $13 million in earnings, followed closely by 20-year-old Hilary Duff, the youngest to land on Forbes list, with $12 million thanks primarily to merchandising stemming from her stint as Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. Despite her troubled year, Britney Spears profited $8 million, trailed closely by Nelly Furtado ($7 million) and Jennifer Lopez ($6 million).

In related news, Rihanna and Raven Symone recently earned spots on the “Ten Most Powerful Girls” list in the new issue of US Magazine, which treads similar territory to Forbes’ list. Raven reportedly made $400 million from her Disney show “That’s So Raven.” In addition to star power and earnings the US list cites Rihanna and Symone for their qualities as role models.

Rihanna Finally Goes Platinum, Alicia Keys Slips Out Of No. 1, Keyshia Cole Rises

In this week’s Hip-Hop and R&B charts, Alicia Keys relinquishes her No. 1 spot, Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown maintain their Top 10 status while Keyshia Cole regains it, and Rihanna goes platinum after 34 weeks.

Songstress Alicia Keys falls one spot to No. 2 this week with her third album, As I Am, which sold 59,700 copies in the last go-round. After 11 weeks, Keys is nearing triple platinum status with sales of 2,846,200.

Two spots down at No. 4 is Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul Mary J. Blige, who moved 45,200 units of her eighth album, Growing Pains. After six weeks, Mary J. has scanned 1,085,200 discs.

Chris Brown climbs two spots to No. 7 with his sophomore album Exclusive, which sold 31,600 copies in the last seven days. After 12 weeks and three hit singles, the teen phenom has 1,182,600 albums sold to his credit.

Keyshia Cole reappears in the Top 10 this week, climbing four spots to No. 8 with her second effort, Just Like You. Cole sold 31,100 copies this week for an 18-week total of 1,059,300.

Black Eyed Pea singer gone solo Fergie maintains her No. 17 spot, selling 22,095 copies of her debut solo album, The Dutchess. Seventy-one weeks after the album’s release, Fergie continues her reign to the tune of 3,375,600 records sold.

R&B Crooner Jaheim holds tight at No. 28 this week, moving 18,000 copies of his latest effort, Makings of A Man. Six weeks in, the “Still Ghetto” star has sold 312,000 copies.

Chi-town rapper Lupe Fiasco skates down three spots to No. 29 this week, selling 17,900 copies of his sophomore disc, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. After six weeks, Lupe has sold 286,200 copies.

Crooner Raheem DeVaughn plummets 26 spots to No. 31 this week, selling 17,100 copies of Love Behind the Melody. After two weeks, the “R&B Hippie Neo Soul Rock Star” has sold 62,200 copies of his sophomore disc, which features a guest appearance from Big Boi.

Teen of da South Soulja Boy maintains his spot at No. 37 this week, cranking out 15,900 copies of in the last seven days. After 17 weeks, the teen rapper has sold 727,100 copies.
British soul singer and recent rehab entrant Amy Winehouse falls three spots to No. 39 this week, moving 15,500 copies of Back to Black. After 46 weeks, the beehived crooner has sold 1,495,900 copies.

Inching up one spot to No. 41 is J. Holiday, whose debut album Back of My ‘Lac sold 14,400 copies this week. The R&B singer’s 17-week total is 467,600.

Right behind Holiday is the man responsible for penning his hit “Bed,” The-Dream, who falls two spots to No. 42 with his debut disc, Love/Hate. The Def Jam hitmaker moved 14,400 copies this week for a seven-week total of 168,800.

John Legend nose-dives 37 spots to No. 44 this week with his live album, Live From Philadelphia, which sold 13,500 in the last seven days. After two weeks, Legend has moved 46,400 units.

Rising 10 spots to No. 45 this week is Rihanna, who sold 13,360 copies of her latest effort and went platinum in the process. After 34 weeks, the Good Girl Gone Bad has scanned 1,002,500 discs.

Chicago rapper/producer Kanye West falls 11 spots spots to No. 50 this week with Graduation, which sold 12,400 copies in the last seven days. After 20 weeks, the Louis Vuitton Don is nearing double platinum status with a sales total of 1,958,200.

Next week look for Foxy Brown and Jill Scott to make an appearance on the Hip-Hop & R&B Charts.

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