Evidence Suggests Diddy and Biggie Knew of Pac Ambush

The Great Tupac Shakur has been dead for over ten years and they have yet to find the killer. But almost 15 years after he was shot five times and pistol whipped outside of a New York recording studio, new evidence has surfaced, implying that a close friend of Hip Hop Mogul Sean Diddy Combs may have been the one to set up the heist.

According to Pulitzer prize winner Chuck Phillips, Sean Combs was told personally about the planned Tupac ambush.

In an upcoming LA Times article set to hit their site today, FBI records and exclusive interviews with individuals who were at the studio that night support Pac’s suspicions that Biggie and Diddy knew about the planned assault.

“Tupac was mostly right about what he wrote about [in his songs],” Phillips tells Allhiphop.

He goes on to say however, that Pac was wrong about BadBoy’s involvement in the shooting.

“Tupac’s shooting at the Quad was really catalyst for everything that happened afterwards including his own death and including the death of Biggie, it started the whole thing off and if you lay it out in a timeline which I do, you can just see; it’s obvious and kind of sad for two guys to be this talented. I ended up with a much larger story than I imagined”. Phillis continued.

According to Phillips, as well as sources familiar with the incident “Sabatino,” the son of a reputed captain in the Colombo crime family, reportedly told Combs personally that Shakur would be attacked at Quad Recording Studio.

The article is slated to come out today, Monday March 17th, and will also have an interactive timeline, as well as audio clips from both Tupac and Biggie.

You can click here to read the story.

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