ImHipHop Is Dead aka Welcome to

Welcome to
I’m sure alot of you are like “WTF” but let me explain.

Tomorrow marks the 3 year Anniversary of ImHipHop, and I needed something dramatic, something besides a site redesign, and if your a longtime reader of this site you know every year i try to do somerhing major for my anniversary.
So while speaking to another blogger about our blogs, it was decided i wanted to move in a different direction. Uncutmag, came to me in a vision. It was simply time for a change. Once you do something for so long you look for ways to make it exciting again. I look at ImHipHop almost like a college experience, Uncutmag is now the pros.

“Your probably asking so what does that mean for us L.”

Well its more than just a name change, its a whole new direction, a whole new purpose. and to that end I’m also launching Uncut Radio. Yes, every Wednesday from 11pm to 12:30 am I will be taking over your computer. lol I will be playing the latest music, going over news, doing interviews and talking to you, the listeners and just giving you something better to do on a Wednesday nite. You can check me out by clicking here.

I have a lot more in store for you the readers of, and alot of changes are coming to this website during the week, be patient with me because I’m doing it all myself. And make sure you check out Uncut radio for alot more announcements, for my 1st show i will go in more depth on the site name change and my name change, play some hits , and talk to the listeners in the Uncut chatroom.

So thank you for all the love and support thru out the years and Welcome to

Wade Bloggs
Mr Quid Pro Quo

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