Andre 3000’s Clothing Line Gets Off To A Bad Start

Andre 3000’s clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, has reportedly gotten off to a rough start after just launching four months ago.

According to Woooha, sales of the rapper’s gear have failed to take off because of the ongoing economic crisis and the clothing line’s high prices and limited availability.

Andre launched Benjamin Bixby in September 2008 and the line included a sweater vest with a $275 price tag and a $1,400 leather jacket.

The Outkast rapper has now been forced to slash prices and sell his clothing via discount luxury sites.

“The Benjamin Bixby clothing line is facing severe financial hardships due to limited sales and excess inventory. Because [Andre] paid so much attention to detail, his clothing line was not cheap to reproduce on a mass scale. Instead, limited quantities of the collection were made and sold primarily online through luxury fashion sites such as,” the site said in an exclusive report.

“The problem is no one is buying the clothing line because of the high price point and no brand equity. As a result, the Benjamin Bixby clothing line has had to dramatically drop prices in order to move inventory and prevent retailers from shipping it all back to Mr. Benjamin,” the site revealed

“It’s not a good sign to see your four month old fashion collection on discount luxury sites, but the fact is selling the inventory at a low price is better than it sitting on the shelf and not making a dime,” the site added.

Despite the blow, Benjamin Bixby has been nominated for GQ’s second annual ‘Best New Menswear Designers in America’ contest. The winner of the contest will receive a 50,000 cash prize and a chance to create a limited edition collection for Levi.

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