Clipse’s Ex-Manager Turns Himself In

As reported earlier hip hop duo Clipse ex manager, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez (34), charged on drug and money laundering offenses has turned himself in. Mr. Gonzalez handed himself into Miami authorities and is scheduled to appear before the cities federal magistrate yesterday (Apr 29).

Along with the former manager a federal investigation revealed six other members tied to the illegal activities which turned up evidence that suggest Gonzalez, imported the narcotics from Panama, Florida, California and Arizona, laundering millions through various businesses, including Clipse’s booking agency, Soul Providers Management.

The defendants reported on legal documents that they were “music producers, rappers, entrepreneurs, club owners, clothing designers and other legitimate occupations as false sources in order to to mask the $10 million income operating the massive drug ring.

Gonzalez is expected to face the 82-count indictmant when extradited to Virgina. There is no information on the status of the other six members at this time. The Clipse are not thought to be directly involved in the charges.

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