Jacki-O Preps New Mixtape ‘Griselda Blanco’

Jacki-O is gearing up for the release of a new street album/mixtape, titled Griselda Blanco, after the famed Godmother from the popular documentaries, Cocaine Cowboys and Cocaine Cowboys II.

According to the Jacki, Blanco’s struggle in a male-dominated industry is similar to hers within the music industry, and thats why she chose to name her album after her.

“Despite her infamous background, Griselda was in a game controlled and dominated by men, but she was just as big and bad as they were. She did not play,” Jacki says with a laugh. “Being a female in this industry, you got to be a fighter to get your respect, and show people that females work just as hard as the guys do, if not harder.

“I am not condoning her lifestyle, but I can’t knock her either, because I’m from the streets of Miami and life was no crystal stair for us,” she continued. “There were days we didn’t know where our next meal would come from, and sometimes those types of situations can tempt you to get into the street life.”

The album’s first single is called “How You Been.”

Listen to the single here

As of press time no release date has been set.

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