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Common Announces The Believer

Common announced that he and fellow Chicago natives Kanye West and No I.D. are back in the lab working on his new album.

Accourding to reports Common announced that West and No I.D. will be handling the production on his forthcoming project.

Kanye along with his mentor No I.D. both have produced on Common’s previous albums Be and Finding Forever. Resurrection and One Day It’ll All Make Sense were just about produced in their entirety by No I.D.

“It’s ‘good’ music. The themes are street music and elevation, things that I feel like I always embody when I rap. But here there’s new situations, new solutions.” Common said

Common’s new album is tentatively titled The Believer, and he is also hoping for a fall release of the album.

Styles P’s Hotel Room Robbed

Styles P had his hotel room ran through while he was out performing earlier this month.

No information on the show or the hotel have been released but Styles did discuss what was taken from his room while he wasn’t there.

“Someone just broke in my telly room stole my wallet and a gee stack. Hope they send my Id Back though I aint mad at em its part of da game.” Styles P laughed at the fact the robbers took some boxers also. “And they took 5 white tees and wife beaters, 9 pair of socks and 2 brand new boxers. If you can’t find humor in that then I don’t know ! lol”

As of press time no arrest have been made.

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