New Music: Nicki Minaj, Drake, & Lil Wayne – No Frauds (Remy Ma Diss)

Nicki Minaj returns and links with Drake and Lil Wayne for a new track called “No Frauds”.
Nicki takes the time to respond to Remy’s “SHether” and “Another One”.



  • Sorry Nicki that was wack!!!


  • lmao wtf is this? TRASH!


  • This shit is garbage


  • Nikki was real good! she shoulda kept the 2 guys off it…they messed it up


  • Stupid as shit.


  • I love you Nicki!!! You said just enough to let people know your the Queen and when your the Queen you can do this type stuff. Don’t stoop down to the has been you owned this boo! Lol I love it and not only did you shit with the 3packfromParis you showed us that your loyalty runs deep with Cash Money. You took shots that were fired with intentions to kill you off and turned it into a fun day in the studio and some fat checks for you AND your team. 💯 Don’t let the negative comments get to you cause your real fans got your back. You know exactly what’s going to SELL and this is a HIT that will live to play on forever. “Yall don’t make diss records y’all make hit records and diss you on em”. “The generous Queen, ask Ms. Ellen.” Ha 🎤

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