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WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #42 – The Gang’s All Here

Wade, Ari, and G Li are joined by Benny Mcflyy as they talk about everything in HipHop and Current events. They group starts off with the events in charlottesville, va and how it effects them. They also go over the latest updates with Usher, and the recent revelations in his cases. They also talk about the movie “Get Out”, Kendrick Lamar’s Rolling Stone interview, Drake’s OVOfest, Def Jam’s new CEO and what that can mean for the label. Eminem’s new movie and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #41- “Gabbin With G” part 2

With Wade and Ari away, G Li brings in Nytmare and S dot Hoffa to talk about Usher, R. Kelly, “black twitters” savage-ness, the white privilege of Hugh Heffner and Charlie Sheen in Comparison to Usher and R.Kelly, 80’s babies trivia, and much much more.
They also go over G Li’s “Damn” theory, and Kendrick VMA nominations and his competition in each category. This is an hilariously full episode.

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WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #40 – Seems Like Your…..Burning?

Wade, Ari, and G Li return for their episode 40th and they have ALOT to discuss.

Of Course they have to go over the entire R. Kelly fiasco, and Ari wonders is there an aspect of this that the media is not covering? They then jump to Usher’s situation and wonder if he can come back from this. They also discuss Meek Mill vs Miami and Trick Daddy’s recent rant. Then they give the results of the DMX poll last week, and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #39 – Soundcloud Burial

Wade, G Li, and Ari return to discuss this past week in HipHop music and news.
First they discuss the reports that Drake’s next album “Goodbye, My Love” being his last album, and where does he fit in the greatest of all time list, they then cover DMX’s recent battle with the IRS, they then discuss Soundcloud’s recent issues, Rob Markman’s new album, The Defiant One’s on HBO, Prodigy’s last interview and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #38 – Bars, Breakups and Blac Chyna


The gangs all here as Wade Bloggs, Ari, and G Li return to talk about everything that happened in hiphop an hiphop culture. First they go over the Kanye/Jayz rift and rank where “4:44” rank in Jay z’s discography. They also talk about what could be album of the year, from Kendrick to Drake, to Big Sean and more. They also talk about the Prodigy mural being desecrated and much much more, and of course they go over the drama with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian and what can happen next and how Wade fits in. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #36 – Keepin It Thoro

Wade, Ari and G Li return to pay tribute to Mobb Deep’s Prodigy and they discuss what he meant to them. They briefly discuss the Safaree/ Meek Mill altercation at the BET Awards. They also talk about the 2pac bio pic “All Eyez On Me”, Jada Pinkett’s reaction, reviews and criticisms of the movie and more. Then the gang covers the upcoming Ruff Ryder reunion tour, the upcoming 2 Live Crew biopic, DJ Khalid’s new album and much much more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #35 – More Teachable Moments

Wade, Ari, and G Li return to talk about this week in HipHop news. First they address Ice Cube’s appearance on the Bill Maher’s show, and then Bill’s apology, then they address Nicki Minaj still throwing shots at Remy, “4:44” and what the gang would like it to really mean, Jay Electronica’s new track, the alternate ending to Juice and much more. The gang briefly goes over new music from Sza, Drake and Khalid, 2chainz, and they even take time to address Amber Rose breaking the internet.

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