Sprint Employee Fired Over Ludacris Booking, Claims Racism

A former Sprint Nextel employee has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the company claiming she was fired for hiring Ludacris for a work-related event without her boss’ consent.

According to the Kansas City Star, Elizabeth Henry claims she was asked to organize a Las Vegas party as a reward for Sprint’s top call center employees. The workers allegedly requested an African-American entertainer at the event.

Henry asserts her boss green-lighted two entertainers, Ludacris and LL Cool J, but after another employee allegedly told her boss that “she must be into the black thing,” her boss became concerned.
Henry claims she assured her boss that Ludacris would perform according to “PG-13 standards,” but if they were still a concern, she would get another black performer.

Her boss allegedly responded that any black performer would be controversial. Henry, who is white, called the remark discriminatory.

Henry claims she was then interrogated for five hours and was fired later that same day.
“Her boss said she was terminating her for insubordination,” Brendan J. Donelon, Henry’s lawyer, told The Star. “She said it had to do with the fact that she retained Ludacris as the entertainer without her permission.

“I think what happened is that her boss approved it and didn’t think anything of it until somebody said, ‘Hey, have you ever listened to their music?'” he added.
Henry’s suit is seeking unspecified damages. Sprint officials could not be reached for comment.

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  • There dumb asses need to be sued, because they stupid as hell and they don’t care nothing about there employees…. Nene LOL Madd reader….ha ha ha ha ha ha


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